Eccles Town Hall

Rapid COVID-19 Testing

Eccles Town Hall is currently in use as a Rapid COVID-19 testing centre. Anyone who is a front-line or key worker, or who cannot work from home, is invited to be tested twice a week. Appointments must be booked in advance and you can do so via Salford City Council’s Website.


Salford CVS event

E.C.H.O. is the acronym for Eccles Community Hall Organisation and we are a group of volunteers working to refurbish, maintain and run part of Eccles Town Hall which has been leased to us by Salford City Council for 25 years, and is located in the centre of Eccles. We are a registered Charitable Incorporated Organisation 1152625

Eccles Community Choir

OUR AIM is to encourage use of the hall by groups throughout the area and to promote an interest in the arts, culture and the local heritage of Eccles. We hope that providing space and facilities in this magnificent venue will nurture friendships, make us fitter (both physically and mentally), reinforce a sense of pride in our town – and be fun!

art exhibition

HALL USE: The Hall is used by local community groups for many varied events;
Musical Concerts – Theatrical and Choral Productions – Meetings – Lectures – Art Exhibitions – Displays – Dances etc.
We do not have the capacity at present to take bookings for weddings, christenings or parties.


One of our Trustees, Peter Grove, has been spending some time in lockdown painting pictures, and has come up with this wonderful stylised image of Eccles Town Hall.  Well done, Peter!


Coronavirus: Cancellation of Events

Following guidelines from the Government, the Trustees have taken steps to cancel bookings at Eccles Town Hall until further notice.

This decision has not been taken lightly. However, as I am sure you will all appreciate we do have a duty of care and the decision has been made to take into account the best interests of all our visitors and the community at large. In addition we are taking the opportunity to carry out some very necessary major building work.

We hope to be able to resume our normal activities as soon as possible. In the meantime, we wish you all the best, and hope that all our visitors keep well.

The Ballroom
The Ballroom
Balcony seating
Balcony seating

The Hall in General Use

painting of Eccles Town Hall

Thank you to Kualo for supplying Free charity hosting