The Borough of Eccles was established in 1892 but the building the Council was to occupy for the next 82 years had already been built, 11 years earlier, for the Local Board of Health.

To mark its opening, on 3rd November 1881, a banquet was held in what we now call the Ballroom; said to be able to hold 1000 people. In 1889 the building was extended at the back to provide police courts, a new council chamber and committee rooms.

The large hall on the first floor had many uses. Votes were counted after elections, the Mayor was sworn in, the Mayoress had afternoon “At Homes” and Charity Balls. This was the venue for the first moving pictures to be shown in Eccles in 1898, for the inauguration of Eccles Scouts in 1912 and the Saturday night one shilling dances of the Thirties.  The annual Parish Church bazaar was held in the ballroom; in1964 the church held a highly successful “Display of Voluntary Activities” in the Ballroom.

The Years of Change

In 1974 Eccles Borough was incorporated into Salford and the council officers moved to Swinton. Subsequently, the magistrate’s courts expanded, first into the vacant council offices, then into the ballroom. A cheap false ceiling was installed to make offices in the hall, vandalising this once beautiful space.

Further changes in the organisation of the local courts made these conversions unnecessary and the space was abandoned. No longer fit for any community use and without a champion to safeguard its future, the space began to decay.

…a sad loss, Eccles citizens now have nowhere to meet in large numbers
Church Street Eccles, Helen Wickham (1992)

A resurgence of community interest

Salford City Council is currently focusing on the regeneration of Eccles town centre and, concerned about the existence of this abandoned hall in the heart of town, decided to facilitate the revitalisation of the space by installing ramped access to the ground floor and a lift to the ballroom. The ballroom is now “DDA compliant”. A structural survey was carried out and the Council repaired the roof. The building is now sound.

These developments have occurred at a time when the demand for venues for community activities in Eccles has increased, perhaps due to the withdrawal of some local facilities because of concerns about Health and Safety, accessibility and funding problems.

When the Council called a public meeting in 2010 to debate the future use of the ballroom, a wide spectrum of local residents came forward and enthusiastically supported the proposal to establish an independent group to lease the space from the Council and develop it once again as a facility which would become the hub of the local community. Independent community groups have access to funds, such as The Lottery, denied to the Council.

The creation of ECHO

Eccles Community Hall Organisation (ECHO) was established in July 2010 and quickly established itself as a multi-talented group of local individuals determined to refurbish the ballroom and associated facilities to provide a much needed community space for local people. ECHO is formally constituted, has a management committee and a bank account. ECHO was registered with the Charity Commission on 27/6/13 as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, number 1152625.

ECHO is completely independent of Salford City Council from which it has negotiated a 25 year lease of the ballroom, stage, balcony and adjacent rooms. Urban Vision were appointed as Project Managers for the initial refurbishment.

ECHO – the first seven years

With support from Salford City Council, Eccles Community Hall Organisation (ECHO) was established in 2010 and a 25 year lease agreed. We owe a great deal to the foresight of Salford City Council and to the courage of the original Trustees who took on this mammoth project. The first task of the volunteers was to secure large grants and to start to renovate the decaying premises and bring them back into use. All our generous benefactors can be found on this website. By 2012 the hall was fit for use although still rather basic. Since then ECHO volunteers have worked energetically and made huge improvements to the facilities and brought life back to Eccles Town Hall. All profits are used to maintain and upgrade this precious space in the heart of the community. We hope you enjoy your visit and like what we have done. Thank you for supporting us! Thanks to all those who have hired the hall, visited the monthly café and come to our events as without you we could not continue in our endeavours to keep this as a jewel in Eccles. Above all, thank you to our amazing ECHO volunteers and Trustees, past and present.